Blue Mandolin ~ Mastering the Art of Deception.
It's no surprise that the past few days we have been experiencing cold temperatures in West Nipissing. So what better way to warm up then with a warm bowl of chili, but not just any chili. As I began to put ingredients together something dawned on me, my chili has changed over the years, a lot. My lifestyle has alot to do with it and so does years of adjusting my taste buds to meet other peoples needs. Today as I look into the pot I realized something; not only did I perfect this food but I became an expert in deception along the way - I have fooled many people into thinking there is meat and fat in this chili. I mean how could anything so healthy taste so good?? But it does. It's perfect.
Today I'm proud to say that this chili is corn free, soy free, low sodium, no added sugar, gluten free, organic, vegan, chock full of some of the worlds most powerful antioxidants. It's been crafted to reduce inflammation and help inhibit angiogenesis, it's loaded with fiber, has no cholesterol or saturated fat, it does wonders for your heart, and it will fool any meat eater...oh and each bowl has only 3 to 4 grams of fat - but it's good fat. The best part is, it tastes amazing! So what's the whole point of this? Well for one we can serve this chili to almost everyone in the world except a raw foodist. The beauty is, it doesn't have to be chili - it can be anything, and it doesn't have to be organic, and if your not a vegetarian it can be made with meat. That's why we are here. To cater to you. To make it yours. No matter what your lifestyle is.

 Nick Tsiogas,
 Blue Mandolin Catering.
January 24 2013